Livstycket story begins with a strong-willed woman, a desire to make a difference and a flea market. The woman’s name is Birgitta Notlöf and since she started the non-profit organisation Livstycket in 1992 she has been its constant leader. The vision has always been an organisation that will help immigrant women to break their isolation, learn the Swedish language and become self-sufficient.

Livstycket becomes a reality

It all started with a flea market in 1992. The idea was that the money earned would be the start-up capital for the association. Birgitta made a total of 3720 Swedish Crowns and with these proceeds, and membership subscriptions and contributions, she started her association. She named it Livstycket, (The Bodice), after the ancient garment worn by women to keep them warm and at the same time give them support. Today the Livstycket concept has become synonymous with solidarity, desire and knowledge.

Firmly on the ground

In the years that followed the association grew, the premises became larger and the staff increased. Currently Livstycket runs a knowledge and design centre in Tensta, Stockholm. The operations are funded through various subsidies, mainly from the City of Stockholm.

Notlof Livstycket Sweden Livstycket vision is to be a place where immigrants and refugees learn the Swedish language and gain enhanced self-esteem. Livstycket has developed its own working model, that of functional pedagogy. By combining artistic, creative activities with theoretical classroom learning, words acquire a function, a reality and a context. The words "scissors, thread and thank you" are merely words until they get and represent a real meaning.

Constant development

When you feel that what you are doing is working, you dare to seek and try out new challenges. Everything is worth trying at least once. Livstycket is involved in many different forms of projects and is keen to explore new paths. Among other things, Livstycket carried out a project Tenstastycket (the Tensta Youth Hub), a youth project with various types of activities, field trips and homework assistance for young people in the Järva district of Stockholm. Livstycket have also started projects for women in Turkey and Uganda, read more about this in the Livstycket International section.

Why Livstycket?
To provide a place that gives people an opportunity to grow with every new word, every new piece of new knowledge, and every new stitch.

Birgitta Notlöf Curriculum Vitae pdf