This company is one of the Livstycket Association’s wholly owned production companies. The planning, marketing and sale of the products produced in the association is carried out in this company.

The company's mission

The costs for the purchase of fabrics, paints and other materials and the proceeds from the sale of the products are booked in Livstycket Production AB, and the company also pays remuneration to the association for its share of the rent for the premises and other such costs. The purpose of the company is to maintain a clear distinction between the socially-oriented activities of the association and the commercial activities which consist of the marketing and sale of Livstycket’s products.

The Board comprises:

Birgitta Notlöf, Chairman, Managing Director of Livstycket Produktion AB, BA
Kerstin Berg, architect SAR/MSA
Maria Lantz Store operation manager H&M
Lisa Sjöblom Textile designer
Titti Unckel, Master of ceremonies

Organisation number: 556554-3005.
Legal name: Livstycket Produktion AB