We humans need sun, wind, the sea and nature. We need conversations, intimacy and laughter. We need each other. It doesn’t have to be more difficult than that. So take your time and make time.

tyget parasoll

It’s a long way from Tensta to Rosendal. The pattern is a result of a lovely trip to Rosendal’s Garden on Royal Djurgården. In retrospect we can really call the project “Enjoy as much as you can!” For that was in fact exactly what it was all about. We took the opportunity to enjoy the late summer sun; we talked about life, laughed and had coffee.

Rosendal’s Gardens and greenhouses inspired us and the sketches and drawings came naturally. In particular, the day gave rise to the Parasols pattern, as well as to the Rosendal Kurbits, Trees and a number of unusual flowers and petals.

Textilmönstret Rosendals kurbits

"Rosendal kurbits"