We are inundated daily with images of war and violence in the media. This is such a regular event that we hardly react, we shrug it off and instead simply comment that the world is a brutal place. Many of the participants at Livstycket have come from these types of violent backgrounds.

Livstycket in Sweden The pattern The whole world in one bag

The flight from war and insecurity often begins with one single bag. What parts of a whole life can be packed and what has to be left behind? Many people have come to Sweden with just one bag. During the winter of 2006/07 some of these new Swedes at Livstycket in Tensta recounted their story about their flight by drawing their one and only bag.

The drawings became a textile pattern and it was exhibited at Svenskt Tenn in 2007. Memories of packing for the last time are inextricably linked to the first memories of Sweden. Leaving and arriving with only one bag, in a pattern from Livstycket.