Never before has headgear aroused so much debate and angry feelings as today. Historically, headdresses of various designs have been a natural part of one's dress around the world. To protect against sunshine and rain, perhaps against intrusive stares. But also to attract attentive glances.

Livstycket in Sweden The pattern The whole world in one bag

At Livstycket, women from all around the world have eagerly and with pleasure read about hats, drawn hats and also made their own hats. These hats have come together to create the pattern "Hats on for the world's woman".

The hats were also presented at the fashion event "It's all about the hair" at the Stockholm City Museum, and in 2014 all our hats went on show at CTH's Factory Museum in Borlänge, where hats and caps had previously been produced in the thousands since 1885.