Livstycket in Turkey

Livstycket’s first international project started in 2007 in Turkey. In Turkey, Livstycket works - along with organisations linked to Local Agenda 21 - to educate and establish a women's network for education and entrepreneurship. When the cooperation began to gain momentum in 2007 only 4 percent of the members of parliament were women, now this figure has increased to 9 percent. We think that is a very encouraging result.

Local projects in Turkey

Livstycket has also helped to start local activities in three different cities, Samsun, Istanbul and Van. The activities vary somewhat between in the different cities. In Samsun the women make fishing nets, The Van the women make "Kelim-carpets" for sale while learning to read and write at the same time. In Istanbul the work focuses on various ways to counter psychological violence against women. Common to all the activities is that they strive to provide women with an opportunity for both education and training and for creating something with their hands. Activities which in turn strengthen the position of women in the family and in the community.

Livstyckets textilmönster Turkish delight The pattern "Livstycket's Turkish delight"