Professionals with extensive expertise in a wide range of professional fields such as education, social studies, design, textile crafts, art science, business and industry, EU expertise, journalism, computer science and IT work at Livstycket. In addition to Swedish the employees have a combined command of no less than nine languages: German, English, French, Bosnian, Korean, Spanish, Mandarin, Turkish and Danish.

Work for us
Feel free to contact us if you are interested in working for us and think you can contribute to our activities. We are also interested in coming in contact with people who can give lectures to our participants.


Livstycket Association 2013

Birgitta Notlöf, Head of Operations, press

Ann-Christin Löfgren, Administrative Manager

Johanna Eklund, Responsible for education

Nicole Bouhier, Receptionist

Saha Nukic, Tailor, supervisor

Maria Stambro, Designer, supervisor

Soondely Dejesus Wang, Designer, supervisor

Gill Weibull, Designer, supervisor

Louise Wramner, Educator

Livstycket Produktion AB

Birgitta Notlöf, CEO