Livstycket provides theoretical and practical lessons every weekday; Monday to Friday 9-15. With us you can improve your Swedish, learn more about the community and get help with your job search and to find further education or a job that suits you.

Women and men over 20 years of age
Your knowledge of Swedish, and your previous education and experience determines which group you will be in. If your Swedish is reasonably good you will have more theoretical than practical training. The theoretical lessons include Swedish of course, but also social sciences, computer science, and much more. If you need more basic Swedish training, you can start in our workshop group in which you speak Swedish while you learn to print on fabric, create new patterns and sew, both by hand and by machine. You will also participate in the theoretical training which consists of Swedish with Swedish grammar, social studies and computer science. All participants at Livstycket take part in wellness sessions.

The goal of being part of Livstycket is that you acquire a functional language that allows you to participate in the community. You also get help in finding further education or practical work experience that suits you. We can also help you to look for a job.

Contact Livstycket, Ann-Christin Löfgren and she’ll tell you more Tel: 0+46 8 760 43 15